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Dickensian was a sort of adaptation.  Over twenty episodes, it took characters and locations from some of Dickens’ novels and made up different stories with them–The Three Cripples inn was right beside the Old Curiosity Shop, Fagin’s Den was just around the corner. Mr Marley and Mrs Gamp wished each other good morning, and many other characters across all manner of novels crossed paths in this epic series.

I am aware of some of the more well-known characters and the bare bones of their stories, from Miss Havisham’s plight to the fate of Oliver Twist’s Nancy–the idea of all of these characters being mashed together intrigued me.

Once I got my head around it, I discovered a world that was terrifying, surprising, and joyful as anything to be found in the novels that inspired it. This mash-up of characters caught up in the soap opera of three main Dickensian plot strands–Jacob Marley’s murder, Miss Havisham’s doomed romance, the Barbary’s bankruptcy, and the heavy emotion of Honoria’s apparent stillbirth–was brilliantly done.

Charles Dickens would hopefully be very proud of how his characters have been intertwined in Dickensian. After the strength of this series, I have great expectations a second will be commissioned.

You can immerse yourself even further in the world of Dickensian, as well as explore Dickens’s own house, by visiting the ‘Dickensian: Behind the scenes of the BBC drama series’ exhibition taking place at the Charles Dickens Museum in London until the 17th April 2016

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