LBSW asks: Dr Helen Pankhurst… International Women’s Day Exclusive

In celebration of International Women’s Day we asked some of our LBSW celebrated women all about the Women behind or in the books that they love and that have inspired them!

Photo Credit: Virginie Naudillon


“Olive Schriener, a South African freethinking, a feminist, anti-imperialist, vegetarian who had very socially progressive views and yet wrote about moderation and understanding. Sections of one of her poems, from the collection Dreams, is recited by Carey Mulligan in the film Suffragette and also quoted in my book Deeds not Words and in the Pankhurst Anthem commissioned by the BBC.” 

Dr Helen Pankhurst is a true inspiration for women! Great-granddaughter of suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst and author of ‘Deeds Not Words’, Helen is still leading the way on Women’s rights as an activist and is a senior advisor to CARE international.

Dr Helen Pankhurst will be joining us at a special screening of the ‘Suffragette’ movie during London Book and Screen Week to discuss the women’s movement then and now and how far we have come in the last 100 years.

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