LBSW asks: Marie-Elsa Bragg… International Women’s Day Exclusive

In celebration of International Women’s Day we asked some of our LBSW celebrated women all about the Women behind or in the books that they love and that have inspired them!


“Virginia Wolf and Sylvia Plath took the broken fragments of life and ‘kissed the wild waves.’ (Tempest Ariel’s song Act II). Virginia Wolf and Sylvia Plath courageous women prepared to peer between the cracks for the shape beneath.”

Marie-Elsa Bragg is a writer, lecturer, ordained Anglican Priest, Jesuit Spiritual Director and a Duty Chaplain of Westminster Abbey. She is a member of The Fawcett Society, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and  WATCH Parliament, a small group who work alongside parliament on women’s issues within the Church. Her debut novel Towards Mellbreak is published by Chatto & Windus (paperback, 5 April 2018).

Marie-Elsa will be in conversation with Dr Helen Pankhurst at our ‘Suffragette’ screening as part of London Book and Screen Week.

Tickets on sale now –

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