LBSW asks: Kristina Sabaliauskaite… International Women’s Day Exclusive

In celebration of International Women’s Day we asked some of our LBSW celebrated women all about the Women behind or in the books that they love and that have inspired them!


“I  often get inspired by philosophical texts, so I bow my head to Hannah Arendt, one of the greatest philosophers of all time – and her insights on power, violence and the banality of evil.

I have discovered Marguerite Yourcenar only after I have written my novels, so no inspiration, just the admiration: to me she is the epitome of the literary depth, elegance and timelessness.” 


Kristina Sabaliauskaite is a writer and art historian from Lithuania and is the most widely read contemporary author from the country. A truly inspirational women, her four-part novel series, Silvia Rerum, is widely regarded as among the most important Lithuanian literary works of the last decade.


Kristina will be joining us at LBF 2018 as part of the Market Focus Author of the Day programme on Wednesday 10 April 2018.

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