LBSW asks: VG Lee… International Women’s Day Exclusive

In celebration of International Women’s Day we asked some of our LBSW celebrated women all about the Women behind or in the books that they love and that have inspired them!


“My suggested book is ‘The Unlit Lamp’ by Radclyffe Hall – a far more readable book than ‘The Well of Loneliness’.

Although ‘The Unlit Lamp’ was published nearly a century ago, the issues remain painfully yet fascinatingly familiar: a jealous but apparently vulnerable mother fights to prevent her daughter from breaking away to live her own life with another woman. I still find the book shocking but so true to some of our lives – succumbing to feelings of guilt so often wins out over our own desires!”

VG Lee is the critically acclaimed and award-winning author of five novels and has also written a collection of short stories.

VG Lee will be a guest at the Polari Literary Salon, taking place during London Book and Screen Week on Monday 9th April.


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