Red Carpet Catch-up: 45 Years / In Another Country

CAMEO AWARDS Book to Film Winner 2017
45 Years
 Book original ‘In Another Country’ by David Constantine (Comma Press) 

Based on David Constantine’s short story In Another Country, this daring adaptation received phenomenal critical acclaim, winning 16 awards. It became a landmark in British film history, achieving £1 million in box office sales after only 12 days of screening through art house cinemas.

Becky Harrison is the Engagement Manager at Comma Press, where she manages their marketing and publicity, and their programme of writer development events and courses. She also coordinates the Northern Fiction Alliance, a collective of independent presses, and their international showcasing project which will culminate with a stand at London Book Fair 2018. She is the co-editor of Conradology: A Celebration of the Work of Joseph Conrad, and the upcoming Mirror in the Mirror anthology of new writers.

We were absolutely delighted to win the inaugural CAMEO Award in the Book to Film category last year with David Constantine’s gorgeous short story ‘In Another Country’. Short stories as a form offer an extraordinarily rich platform for creative adaptations, allowing directors room to grow and, certainly in the case of 45 YEARS, create on-screen characters and relationships that stick with you for a long time.

Since the awards last year, 45 YEARS director Andrew Haigh has continued to wow audiences with his latest film, LEAN ON PETE  a moving story about a teenage boy and a stolen racehorse who trek across America, based upon the novel of the same name written by Willy Vlautin. It gained critical acclaim upon its release in the UK at the end of 2017, and is due for release next month in America on the 30th March.

We at Comma Press have also had another successful year in the world of film and are eagerly awaiting two new features inspired by our short stories: SOMETIMES, ALWAYS, NEVER, written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, and starring Bill Nighy; and POSSUM, a new horror film written and directed by Matthew Holness. The former is adapted from a story included in an upcoming collection by Cottrell-Boyce, and the latter is adapted from a story written by Holness for the anthology The New Uncanny, a new edition of which is set to be published later this year.

This April will also see the Northern Fiction Alliance, a publishing collective of indies from the North of England which Comma heads up, host their first IP Forum. This will be an event where film and TV producers can meet with the publishers and discuss the IP potential of their titles. We aim to establish new and deeper connections between the two industries, and bring new voices and books to the screen in the future.

Becky Harrison
Comma Press

Twitter @beckyharr @commapress


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